10 Interesting Facts About Sleep

These 10 interesting facts will not only have you questioning your sleep, but they will change your lives for the better! 

  1. In general, exercising regularly makes it easier to fall asleep and contributes to sounder sleep. However, exercising sporadically or right before going to bed will make falling asleep more difficult.

  2. In general, most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night. However, some individuals are able to function without sleepiness or drowsiness after as little as six hours of sleep. Others can’t perform at their peak unless they’ve slept ten hours.

  3. When infants are put to bed drowsy but not asleep, they are more likely to become "self- soothers," which enables them to fall asleep independently at bedtime and put themselves back to sleep during the night.

  4. Some studies show promise for the use of melatonin in shortening the time it takes to fall asleep and reducing the number of awakenings, but not necessarily total sleep time. Other studies show no benefit at all with melatonin.

  5. One of the primary causes of excessive sleepiness among Americans is self-imposed sleep deprivation.

  6. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have bigger appetites due to the fact that their leptin levels (leptin is an appetite-regulating hormone) fall, promoting appetite increase.

  7. Rates of insomnia increase as a function of age, but most often the sleep disturbance is attributable to some other medical condition. 

  8. The sensation of falling when half asleep and jerking yourself awake is called ‘hypnic jerks’

  9. Sleep deprivation will kill you more quickly than food deprivation.

  10. Sleep experts have discovered a direct link between our favorite sleeping positions and personalty. This is according to Professor Idzikowski, suggesting that those who sleep in the fetal position “may appear tough but are actually sensitive souls right to their core.”