Do you eat in bed?

Guy eating in bedI believe all people have eaten in their bed at some point. Who doesn't like rolling around in crumbs? Here are a few tips and general info on what you need to know for eating in bed.

Keep your sheets clean and washed. If you're an avid eater in bed, you should wash your sheets at minimum once per week. Going longer than that will be an unofficial invitation to insects like ants and cockroaches to come visit.

If you're distracted while eating (reading, TV, social media, etc) that tends to cause people to overeat. Try to enjoy your food and minimize distractions so you can focus on the taste and smells of your food.

Try to only use your bed for sleeping. Similar to when you grab the leash for Fido, he knows it's time for a walk. When you eat in bed, your brain will associate "bed" for eating which can make it hard to fall asleep. A good night's rest is important.

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