The importance of mattress thickness

How Thick Should A Mattress Be?

Climax comfort thickness layers

When it comes to a memory foam mattress there is a minimum thickness at which a mattress offers a good performance. Go too low and you risk getting a mattress that is anywhere from uncomfortable to having a very short lifespan.

Some mattress companies offer an 8 inch and even a 6 inch memory foam mattress on sale. We recommend you avoid them. An 8 inch memory foam mattress and below tend to be too thin to provide an adequate level of comfort and support for the average person. The structure of an 8 inch or less mattress simply is not good enough.

A 10 inch mattress is adequate for most people up to 250 lbs, but if you tend to be a bit on the heavier side or want the extra thickness then you may prefer a 12 inch or greater. If you are particularly large and heavy, a 14 inch would be better. 

Each Climax Comfort mattress is between 13 - 14 inches in thickness which increases the mattress-lifespan and comfort of your sleep.