What type of bed sheets are best?

Once you get that perfect Climax Comfort mattress, what type of sheets should you get? With so many different options available it can be hard to select which is best. Let's try and break down some of the more popular options available.


  • Cotton

    The most popular choice, cotton has been around for thousands of years and is extremely durable, hypoallergenic, and 100% natural.


  • Egyptian Cotton

    Also known as Prima cotton, these sheets are made from long-staple (extra-long) cotton fibers making it softer and more absorbent than standard cotton sheets.

  • Flannel

    Brushed cotton sheets are warm and cozy feeling making them perfect for cooler climates.


  • Tencel

    One of the materials used to create Climax Comfort mattresses, Tencel is made from trees and is environmentally friendly. It wicks away moisture and very durable.


  • Bamboo

    Made from bamboo fibers, this material creates sheets that are durable, soft, and offer superior cooling.


  • Polyester

    Just like my wardrobe, polyester is a man-made, synthetic fiber that is extremely durable, wrinkle resistant, and is costs less than other materials.

  • Microfleece

    Similar to polyester, microfleece sheets are similar to the feeling of flannel, but repels water and dries much faster.


  • Linen

    Made from the delicious flax plant, this ancient material softens with each wash and has antimicrobial properties like copper, brass, and bronze.


  • Silk

    A natural protein fiber made by silk worms. Ideal for individuals with sensitive skin and regulates temperature in any climate.

Thread Count

Typically only used when referring to cotton sheets, a high thread count sheet will feel silkier but is also less durable and thins out faster versus a lower thread count.


Do you live in Alaska in January? You may want a thicker, or heavier, weighted sheet to stay warmer. If you sleep warm and want to be a little cooler, then a thinner, lighter weight might be more suitable.


Now you have all the info you need for that perfect set of sheets to go with your Climax Comfort mattress.

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