Big Climax Bundles
Big Climax Bundles
Big Climax Bundles
Big Climax Bundles
Big Climax Bundles
Big Climax Bundles

Big Climax Bundles

Climax Comfort
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Save $350 when you bundle your mattress and pillows!

Our Big Climax Bundles include 1 Luxury Mattress + 2 Pillows

Luxury Mattress:

The Climax Comfort luxury mattress is the best hybrid mattress for you to get a quality night’s sleep. Manufactured from the leading producer of mattress fabrics in the world, Climax Comfort mattresses are unmatched in their excellence. Built with two layers of foam with a scientifically proven pillowtop, the Climax Comfort mattress offers the best sleep experience available.

Focused on giving you the finest sleep every night, we’ve engineered our pillowtop fabric with the latest-and-greatest advances in sleep technology. The features of our mattresses guarantee that you not only sleep in comfort, but you sleep with the most comfortable mattress available on the market. No other mattress brand offers this specific combination of features, and we at Climax Comfort assure you that, with our mattress, you will have the best sleep you’ve ever known.

Product Specifications
  • Made from antimicrobial foam and hybrid latex
  • Five layers of luxury comfort
  • Temperature regulated senses heat and allows the mattress to adjust based on your body temperature
  • Made in the USA
  • Mattress thickness: 13-14"

    1. Climax Enrichment
      2" layer of gel memory foam gives support and resiliency
    2. Climax Utopia
      2" layer of our specialty formulated foam delivers additional comfort and support
    3. Climax Select
      1" layer of EXTRA of our 1.8-pound density foam adds improved pressure relief
    4. Comfort Coil
      6" layer of pocketed coils provides an even surface and quality edge
    5. Climax Select
      1" layer of foam at a 1.8-pound density brings a firm base to your mattress
    6. Premium Comfort
      1-2" of our long-lasting premium pillow top layer

Luxury Pillows:

With the luxury pillow from Climax Comfort, you can guarantee that every aspect of your sleep is the best that you can make it. Crafted with care and made of the finest materials, our pillow will give you the best night’s rest possible. Every time you put your head down on the Climax Comfort pillow, you’ll be able to tell the difference and know that you made the right choice.