Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bed in a Box

With superior materials and an abundance of unique features, our bed in a box is ready to give you the rest that you deserve. Coming from the Midwest to your home, Climax Comfort mattresses will bring you comfort like no other. If you have any questions about our products, shipping, or warranty, check out the section below to see some of our most asked questions.

Climax Comfort luxury mattresses have a combination of features offered by no other company. They regulate temperature, absorb moisture, resist stains, and safely combat the formation of odor-causing bacteria.

The Climax Comfort mattress is made from a premium combination of pocketed coils, antimicrobial foam, and hybrid latex.

Climax Comfort mattresses are available to all customers in the continental US only.

No, our mattresses are designed with everyone in mind.

It typically takes 7-10 business days to ship your mattress to an address in the continental United States. Customers ordering from Alaska or Hawaii may experience longer shipping times.

The core is roughly 12" thick, with an additional 1-2" added by our premium pillow top, making the mattress roughly 13-14" thick.

Both! Our mattresses are temperature regulated. A phase change material senses heat and allows the mattress to adjust based on your body temperature.

Yes, your Climax Comfort mattress meets and exceeds all fire testing regulations.

Yes, you are absolutely safe to use a heating pad on any of our mattresses.

Every aspect of our mattresses – foam, fabric, and latex – is made in the Midwest, in the United States

Yes, the entire cover of your Climax Comfort mattress unzips and can be replaced. The cost of replacing the cover is roughly half the original price of the mattress. One of the major benefits of the Climax Comfort mattress is that its outer materials are removable, allowing you to replace them instead of needing to purchase a whole new mattress.

Buying a mattress online is just like buying anything else online. You add the mattress to your shopping cart, check out, and wait for it to arrive. In most cases, your mattress will arrive within 7-10 business days. After it’s been received, you simply open the box, remove the plastic wrapping, allow it to expand to its full size, and position it within your home.

To change an order, please call us at 269-746-2000 and we will take you help process your return. If you have already received your mattress and would like to return the box, please refrain from opening it for an easier return.

For returns, we ask that you first call us at 269-746-2000. Next, if the box and mattress have been opened, we partner with a third-party mattress removal service who assists you in taking our mattress out of your home. Lastly, if they mattress has not been opened or damaged in any way, we will reuse it for future customers.

To cancel an order, call us at 269-746-2000 as soon as you are sure you no longer want your mattress. If you have already received the mattress and would like to cancel for a return, please do not open the box, as it could lengthen the cancelling and return process.

Our mattresses expand up to 90% within two hours of being opened but may be used almost immediately.

No, the Climax Comfort mattress requires a flat frame or surface.

Yes, our mattress comes in all standard sizes, so all regular bed sheets of the same size will fit.

For most mattresses, the industry recommended replacement time is eight years. To ensure that you get the most out of your Climax Comfort mattress, it comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Yes, all shipments are sent via FedEx with final delivery effected by the post office, where necessary. This includes APO, FPO, and PO boxes.

Because our mattresses are constructed from premium, high-quality materials, they weigh more than other mattresses. Our queen-sized mattresses weigh roughly 116 pounds and our king-sized mattresses weigh roughly 132 pounds.

See our full return policy.

See a full breakdown of our sleep trial.

Our lifetime warranty covers any manufacturer defects on our product.

If you still need more information, you can reach out to us at 269-746-2000 or our contact page.